SCS’s corporate customers continue to grow with Layout-8000 - Copy 1

Sep 16, 2019

Nazareth, PA — Three of SCS’s corporate customers have recently committed to expanding their enterprise Layout-8000 environments. Layout-8000 has been the industry-leading ad dummying system since 1983, dummying more than 2,000 editions every day for publications around the world.

Lee Enterprises — a media company based in Davenport, Iowa, that owns newspapers in 21 states — is an established SCS customer. Lee Enterprises purchased Wisconsin’s Kenosha News and Lake Geneva Regional News in January 2019, expanding their footprint in the state. These new publications are already live with Layout-8000 in the corporate pagination center in Munster, Indiana, where the majority of Lee’s 46 daily newspapers and nearly 300 specialty publications are produced using SCS’s enterprise solution.

Layout-8000 is helping Lee Enterprises create a single, centralized dummying environment, moving away from edition planning at local business units. Mike Worden, director of system operations at Lee Enterprises, said of the transition, “We are much more efficient than we were previously.”

Additionally, in the fall of 2018, Hearst Corporation (New York, New York) purchased the Hersam Acorn weeklies (Ridgefield, Connecticut), Ogden Newspapers (Wheeling, West Virginia) and the Observer Publishing Company (Washington, Pennsylvania).

Dave Frisch, technology director and regional publisher at Ogden Newspapers, is seeing the same result. “We’ve brought some additional papers into Layout that we were previously doing manually.”

This is part of SCS’s continued effort to help its corporate customers face down the challenge of improving cost efficiencies.

About SCS:

SCS offers an extensive line of publishing related applications, including Layout-8000™. More than 300 sites producing over 2,000 publications in 10 countries in five languages use SCS mission-critical software every day. SCS is privately held by Richard and Martha Cichelli. You can learn more about SCS at