Bob Schieffer welcomes NNA members to Washington summit

Feb 10, 2014

Welcome from Bob Schieffer
One of the most recognized faces in American journalism, CBS anchor Bob Schieffer, will keynote the National Newspaper Association’s “We Believe in Newspapers” Leadership Summit set in Washington March 13. 
Bob Schieffer, chief Washington correspondent for CBS News and a former newspaper reporter in Texas, will speak to the group Thursday evening March 13 at the National Press Club. 
Schieffer recorded a video to talk about the summit and welcome NNA members that will attend. “We are pleased Bob will be with us,” said NNA President Robert M. Williams Jr. “Bob’s reputation as a journalist with high standards, no doubt, goes back to his roots in newspapers, where, as a new reporter he was 'accidentally' drawn into covering the Kennedy Assassination in Dallas. That’s just one of countless fascinating stories about Bob that come from his decades on the front line of journalism.” 
2013 marked Schieffer’s 56th year as a reporter and his 44th year at CBS News. He is one of the few broadcast or print journalists to have covered all four major beats in the nation's capital – the White House, the Pentagon, the State Department and Capitol Hill. 
Schieffer noted in his video address to NNA members that his roots in journalism go back to his days as a young reporter in Texas. That is where learned, he said, “what good journalism was all about.” This is one of the reasons he added that he is pleased to be part of the “We Believe in Newspapers Leadership Summit,” March 13.
He said he believes in the principles that community newspapers stand for and that he believes in NNA’s member papers. 
To view his welcome click here or click on his image in the righ rail. To register for the summit, click here.