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Dec 11, 2017

Cross-department circulation building

About this program: The Lancaster News came up with a way to increase its single-copy sales, increase subscriptions and increase ad revenue. This plan involved sampling the newspaper to 100 percent of the households in one ZIP code within the paper’s coverage area. It involved a cash drawing, with the contest and extra mailing costs covered by an advertiser.

Guest speaker: Linda O'Neil, The Lancaster (SC) News.

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Creating powerful special sections that feature veterans

About the program: Learn what it takes to build a strong Memorial Day section to honor those service men and women who made the ultimate sacrifice. And then learn about creating a Veterans Day section that allows your town to thank those who have served. This program runs Aug. 10 at 10 a.m. central time. And is free to NNA members.

Guest speakers are Andrew Johnson and Larry Atkinson. Presenters: Andrew Johnson, Dodge County Pionier, Mayville, WI, and Larry Atkinson, Monroe County Herald, Sparta, WI.

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HACKED—A big problem for small publications

About the program: What happens if your newspaper is hacked and the all the paper’s information—financial and other types, such as the information stored about vendors, and most importantly, the personal information on file regarding subscribers, current and past, falls into the hands of hackers? This webinar will help you understand what hacking consists of; how you can be affected; what you have to report to local, state and federal governments; what will need to be done to correct the problem, and how much it may cost to complete everything necessary to do this.

GUEST SPEAKERS: Steve Wyss, co-owner of Affinity Group Underwriters and Jeffrey Haut, Vernon Litigators

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The New Classifieds, not quite the same as the Old Classifieds

About the program: Is your classified section looking a bit anemic? Are online sites continuing to be a pain in your revenue side? Ossie Bladine is trying a new approach to his paper’s classified section. Join us June 1 for look at how the McMinnville (OR) News-Register is making a difference in its community with its classified ads.

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As a partner, what can Facebook do for news publishers?

If your newspaper company has (or wants) a thriving Facebook page, there are ways to improve reader involvement—and possibly generate revenue from the Page. Chris Thew and Jason White, manager of U.S. news partnerships for Facebook, will get you up to speed on recent changes, including the Facebook Journalism Project, that can build your social media presence and readership and also provide insights into the services that Facebook offers and how they apply to NNA members. Although readership is important, monetizing content is a major issue for most publishers. The presenters will go over the current options available to publishers on Facebook, including Instant Articles, Branded Content and more.

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Saving Time Saves Money.
No More Weekly Marked Copies!

Learn more about how to sign up for the Alternate Marked Copy process won by the National Newspaper Association’s Postal Committee on behalf of its members. Max Heath will review the steps involved with the process and how by signing up it will save your newspaper time and money.

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Notoriety with Left-Handed Edition

The Custer County Chief in Broken Bow, NE, wanted something unique to spark interest in the paper. An issue printed backward did much better than anticipated.

Just for fun, the staff of the Custer County Chief opted to print a left-handed newspaper. It was hugely successful, a nice moneymaker and a great team builder. We viewed the product as a special edition and tried to pull the focus into the entire paper, from front-page news, feature stories, sports and advertising. Probably the only section left unscathed was the public notices. The Chief ended up on The Associated Press with the headline “McCaslin is a leftist” which prompted paper requests from around the world. We over printed in anticipation, and promptly sold out.

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Get your travel on

MyPlanItTraveler.com is a next generation, travel reservation site where its members get exclusive access to rates as much as 70 percent off compared to what’s currently published on popular consumer travel sites. This free webinar to NNA members will show you how to use the site and ways to generate additional revenue from either selling the program to readers or offering it as an incentive for subscribers and/or advertisers.

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Are you ready?

New rules are about to hammer your payroll

This webinar on the change to the overtime rules under the Fair Labor Standards Act is free to National Newspaper Association member newspapers. The new rule governing overtime pay for employees will create disruption at small newspapers and will likely lead to more job cutbacks. The new rule is set to go into effect this December.

Tonda Rush explained the new rule, which is due to take effect on Dec. 1, and how it changes current federal labor laws. She will describe which types of newspapers and employees are exempt, the policy implications of the change, and the limited options employers have to minimize its financial and operational impact.

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Update on Mail Prep and IMb Full-Service Tracking

Having ​trouble ​with ​your ​Periodical ​mailings? ​In ​this ​session, ​Max ​Heath ​will ​focus ​on ​the ​best ​practices ​when ​prepping ​mail ​for ​Periodicals ​class ​mail. ​He ​will ​cover ​questions ​about ​how ​to ​get ​the ​best ​results ​when ​entering ​mail ​for ​distribution ​to ​subscribers. ​As ​a ​bonus, ​Brad ​Hill ​will ​walk ​you ​through ​how ​to ​track ​your ​newspaper ​using ​the ​USPS ​Full ​Service ​option.

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New overtime rule:

What it means for your newspaper

The Department of Labor’s new overtime rule may change the way you manage and pay some of your employees. Tonda Rush and Richard Karpel will explain the new rule, which is due to take effect on Dec. 1, and how it changes current federal labor laws. They will describe which types of newspapers and employees are exempt, the policy implications of the change, and the limited options employers have to minimize its financial and operational impact.
In this session, you will learn all about:

  • Background on the Fair Labor Standards Act (i.e.., the Federal labor law).
  • How labor laws get enforced.
  • Certain newspaper exemptions.
  • The new overtime rule and how it works.
  • Current Capitol Hill maneuvering concerning potential changes to the rule.
  • Practical options for NNA members in terms of dealing with the changes when they take effect on 12/1/16.

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Converting to a Requester Publication

Learn the ins and outs of making the switch from a paid newspaper to a requester newspaper 

In this session, learn all about converting a paid-circulation newspaper to a requester publication. We’ll be covering the legal aspects of switching as well as walking you through the process. Some of the benefits of switching to a requester publication include continuing to get the in-county rates while growing your circulation and being in control of your distribution numbers to ensure you’re delivering the right number of customers to your advertisers at an affordable price point. Go to the archive version of this program here.



Social Media and Your Newspaper

Build readership at your paper and online

You don’t have to be a big newspaper to make social media work for your publication. In this session, learn how Enterprise Publishing Company in Blair, Neb. has used social media to both engage its audiences and entice more community members to read its publications – both online and in print. Associate Publisher Chris Rhoades will share his tips for using social media for a full range of promotional and engagement efforts.

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Family Reading Night

Promote literacy and engage your community

Thursday, May 05, 2016 11:00 AM - 12:00 PM (Eastern Time)

The Washington Missourian started its annual Family Reading Night event in 2001 as a way to bring together newsmakers to share their favorite stories with the local community and to build a greater appreciation of reading throughout the community. The paper organizes the program in partnership with the Washington School District. A committee of educators, librarians and newspaper staff plan and execute the event, which includes tables of crafts tied to books, a visit by an author or illustrator, reading rooms, theater skits by local police and fire departments, and plenty of free books. In this session, learn how to create and implement a similar event in your community that will both engage the community with your brand and promote the power and importance of reading. To reach the archive of this program, click here.




 Best Practices in Mail Prep
And Full Service IMb implementation and service tracking

Were you not able to make the printers' workshop at USPS headquarter? Max Heath says he will pass along what was learned during the workshop. He will focus on the best practices when preparing mail Periodicals Mail to get the best possible service at lowest possible cost to the newspaper. EXTRA! Brad Hill will walk you through how to track your newspaper using the USPS Full Service option and review using eDoc and IMb. To see the archived program, click here.

Heath and Hill


Contest to boost readership and advertising

Bumper sticker contest draws good response

In the late 1990s, the Echo (MN) Press used a bumper sticker contest to draw attention to its new shopper publication. It worked. Years later, the bumper stickers were still out there, and the staff knew it was time to try the contest again. It brings in additional revenue and builds interest from readers and advertisers. To see the archived program, click here.





 Generating Revenue with a Local Business Honor Roll

Give local businesses the recognition they deserve

For the past 15 years the Crosby (ND) Journal has continually had success running a special section celebrating milestone anniversaries of local businesses. The section includes feature stories and ads highlighting the number of years businesses have been serving the community. In this session, learn how the paper utilizes the section to generate revenue and guarantee a return on investment. To hear this program go to the archive here.




Letters to Santa Special Section

Getting your community involved while building ad revenue

Publishing Letters to Santa in the newspaper is a fun way to increase reader engagement, but it can also be a great way to drive more advertising sales around the holidays. In this session, learn how Sue Brown, editor of the Pleasanton (TX) Express, uses a Letters to Santa special section to both excite readers and draw in holiday advertising revenue. To hear this program, go to the archive here.


Ad Packages for New Businesses

Is there a new business in your town?
Offer this package instead of a free story

Successful business people know that a planned advertising and promotion program is essential to long-term business health. When a new business starts in the community, they always want a free story and photo in the local paper. The News-Gazette Corp., instead, offers a mix of print and digital media that maximizes a business's exposure in the paper's market. To hear this program, go to the archive here.

Practical Use of eDoc

And How to Use the New Service Hubs

Brad Hill and Max Heath will focus on the practical use of eDoc. They will cover questions about how it affects entering the mail, postage payments and record keeping, and they will spend some time on creating a contingency plan, which is a MUST-know for anyone who does eDoc.

EXTRA! NNA Postal Committee Chair Max Heath will tell you how to use the new Service Hubs announced in July by USPS. Make sure you know how to improve your service to subscribers through Hubs! To hear this program, go to the archive here.


Spectacular Special Sections
Learn the ins and outs of creating a Fall Hunting Guide & Spring Hosptial Section

Steve and Cynthia Haynes own and operate newspapers in Kansas. They have built a successful operation, which includes special sections that attract loyal readers and advertisers. They will discuss how they created two of their most successful special sections—A Fall Hunting Guide and a Spring Rural Health Section during this program. To hear this program, go to the archive here.


Football Polls
Building Ad Revenue with an Engaging Sports Feature

Regina Keilers uses a football poll designed just for her paper's advertisers. During the football season, 12 advertisers can pick the game winners to receive a large ad on a specialty page that highlights all the advertisers involved and the local high school, the local college and the state professional football teams. The polls provide The Fayette County Record a guaranteed weekly revenue boost. To hear this program, go to the archive here.


Training Grants
Money From the Government to Help Train Your Staff

Rob Dump, owner of six community newspapers in Nebraska, saw an opportunity to bring some professional training to his staff. His papers are small, ranging in circulation from 312 to 2,000. Because of tight budgets many community papers cannot afford to bring in trainers. Dump sought an opprtunity. He applied for government grants specifically for training. The information provided in this case is state-specific, but the idea of seeking and finding money for training could transfer to other communities. To hear this program, go to the archive here.



Sponsored Contests
Enhance Your Newspaper's Visibility

Sponsored contests are a low-cost, low-effort way to increase visibility for your newspaper and your sponsors. In this session, learn how the Brentwood (CA) Press & Publishing Co. has used a variety of contests, utilizing print and online, to add value for its clients; and learn how you, too, can put sponsored contests into play at your paper. To hear this program, go to the archive here


Working with eDoc
Save Time, Money and Problems with the USPS

Postal eDoc is a time and money saver. It can protect newspapers from errors that creep into hard-copy postage statement filing. Bringing newspapers into the USPS digital tracking environment will pay off in better trouble-shooting and tracking service in years to come. Learn how to get on board smoothly and efficiently from the experts in the business. To hear this program, go to the archive here. 


Newspaperbaton: Promoting Newspapers and Communities

Loving your newspaper and your community.
In April 2014, the North Carolina Press Association engaged in a month-long program to promote newspapers in the state. The association asked its members to write a social media love letter to newspapers. The project, Newspaperbaton, is modeled after projects in cities around the nation in which people sign up for a day, post several photos with a caption about a specific topic, then pass the “baton” on to the next person who signed up for the next day using Instagram or Facebook. To hear this program, go to the archive here.


IMb: Facts not Fiction
Understanding the importance of eDoc and Intelligent Mail barcodes

Now that you can order anything from toasters to drones online, it is no surprise that communicating with the U.S. Postal Service solely through electronic documentation is in your future. Not yet a requirement for all publications, but beneficial to most, the new eDoc options that eliminate paperwork for you and USPS are in place. Electronic filing and new Full-Service Barcodes are part of the Postal Service’s future plans for improving service. Learn how you can get in the door with minimum fuss and prepare your newspaper for the electronic future of mailing. To hear this program, go to the archive here. 


Live Streaming of Sports
by the Columbus (KS) News-Report 

 Larry Hiatt, publisher of the Columbus News-Report, spent a summer in Tonganoxie, KS, where he talked his way into a job at the weekly Tonganoxie Mirror as a Printers Devil at the age of 13. For the next 61 years he never had a job other than working in newspapers. He worked for and with some really outstanding people, and learned from them all. He has owned four newspapers and was never in a bad newspaper town. Hiatt believes that the newspaper is still important to every community and I strongly believe it is as important and vibrant as it ever was. He began live streaming sports in his community not too long ago and is continually learning and expanding this operation. To hear this program, go to the archive here.




Sequoyah County Times Treasure Hunt!

 This spring the Sequoyah County Times hosted its first Treasure Hunt—Find our Diamond in the Rough. It was designed as a treasure hunt to boost ROP ads and revenue instead of adding another special section. They really wanted something that would excite and involve readers and that would guarantee the sponsoring advertisers readership. Any newspaper could adapt this to their market and have success with it. The staff began by putting together a plan that included what the “treasure” would be, what the revenue goal needed to be, the number of sponsoring advertisers necessary to reach that goal, the size of the ads that would run in the sponsorship package, the approximate time frame that the hunt would last and by locating a headline sponsor that would donate the grand prize.This is the fifth installment of Pub Aux Live on Aug. 7, 2014. To hear this program, go to the archive here




Sports Posters: Make Your High School Readers the Stars!
And Fundraising for Subscriptions 

Melanie Brubaker Mazur managing editor of the Pine River Times in Bayfield, CO, shared an advertising idea that the Times has offered for about 5 years. It’s a sports poster that features local high school athletes and their game schedules. Joining her was Sandra Trujillo, a patient care coordinator for a local medical office. Sandra came to Melanie’s aid four years ago when the weekly paper faced some economic setbacks because of the poor economy. She will talk about the fundraising efforts she initiated to help raise money for her town’s paper. This is the fourth installment of Pub Aux Live on July 10, 2014. To hear this program, go to the archive here.


So You Want to Be a Publisher

Ed Pawlenty, a relatively new ower of two newspapers in Minnesota, and Julie Bergman, a newspaper owner and broker, provided some insight on buying community newspapers, during the third installment of Pub Aux Live on June 5, 2014. To hear this program, go to the archive here.

Homeland: Building Real Estate Ad Revenue

Eric Denty and Melissa Mallard told how they increased the real estate advertising in the Jesup (GA) Press-Sentinel, a 7,200 twice-weekly publication, with a special section geared toward real estate companies. To hear this program, which ran May 8, 2014, go to the archive here.



Hats in The Ring: A Sure Success for Political Advertising

The the first Pub Aux Live program which went live April 3, 2014, showcased Roy Eaton, publisher of the Wise County Messenger in Decatur, TX. He outlined how he built political advertising in his newspaper through his Hats in The Ring political ad idea. To hear this program, go to the archive here.



Roy Eaton