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ASK-CRM was developed from the ground up by newspaper veterans to help your sales team maximize their sales efforts and can be accessed from any internet connected device. We start by integrating your customer and sales history into ASK-CRM and then provide in-depth analysis to guide your sales team in the best direction.

Our analysis includes account transactional history that is complete with final ad images from your production process. Next, your sales history is molded into a dynamic and flexible advertiser churn analysis which helps with account retention and/or reactivation. Let’s face it…there is no customer more valuable than an existing customer and we help your staff identify advertisers that are at risk of “churning out” so that they can focus on retaining their business.

Additionally, ASK-CRM includes robust contact management functionality that is complete with features like email address validation, mass email marketing campaigns and campaign results (opens, click throughs and failures).  Plus, comprehensive proposal generation technology which enables your team to create multi-product, long term solutions/proposals…pushing your team past the inclination to sell one ad at a time.

Finally, our automated reporting system helps keep you up with your team’s sales activity by sending you daily/weekly call reports (and others) each morning.  You know just what they are up to and where they need assistance.

We do all of this and so much more at an affordable cost and for media companies of all sizes. We’d love an opportunity to share more of our story with you. Let’s talk!

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