Creating a dedicated COVID-19 resource page on your website

Mar 30, 2020

Local newspapers will play an important role in keeping the general public informed throughout the COVID-19 outbreak. Readers will turn to their local newspapers not only for the paper’s own reporting on the pandemic, but also as a filter of sorts for trusted, accurate information from other reliable outlets.

Our-Hometown Inc. recommends creating a dedicated “COVID-19 Resource Page” on your website to house links to official, reputable sources such as the Centers for Disease Control & Prevention and State Health Department websites, along with any related content published by your staff. You can display a link prominently somewhere on your website so readers can quickly and easily access the page. has launched an excellent resource for the state of Florida with the Florida COVID-19 Business & Events Updates Directory.

The St. Ignace News has launched a Coronavirus Updates page for their readers to use as a hub to find information about the COVID-19 outbreak. They’ve included links to the CDC Website, as well as the State of Michigan’s Coronavirus Website and a Frequently Asked Questions document pertaining to the virus. Similar resources are likely available through your state government’s website.

The CDC has compiled a list of all of the State Health Department websites on the following page:

Once your page is up and running, get word out to your readers by sending a newsletter, distributing the link via social media and including the URL somewhere in your print edition.

Visit to listen to a podcast on the subject. 

Contact if you need assistance in setting up a simple “COVID-19 Resource Page” on your website.