Crisis revenue ideas from Wehaa — implement today

Mar 30, 2020

Wehaa has adapted to the current environment and production of new relevant revenue solutions is in full gear. It will be able to supply your solutions with no interruption to service or fulfillment.

Please let Wehaa know if you have any digital ideas. Wehaa's partners have reached out with some good ideas and the development team is responding.

Below are some new campaigns you can implement immediately. They are white label, hands-free using Wehaa’s elaborate scraping technology and include banner widgets and advertiser reports:

  1. LOCAL BUSINESSES – let your subscribers know your local retail/services are open for business with Wehaa's native directory solution. Wehaa can build a directory for local restaurants, grocery stores, service providers, etc. providing a valuable resource to your readers on who’s open, delivering, take out, grub hub, etc.
    SUPPORT LOCAL BUSINESSES – Gift card portal
  1. VIRTUAL SALES EVENTS – this solution can be used for ‘shop at home virtual tent event’ for autos, furniture, appliances, mattress stores, etc. You can even work in free delivery.
  2. PHYSICAL EVENTS – turn a canceled event, festival or expo into a virtual event. Wehaa has had requests for job fair, auto show, agriculture trade show and more.
  3. AT HOME SERVICES – auto service is a big business; get your oil change from home, etc. It’s a good time for home improvement projects and there are local companies that will deliver.
  4. LOW INTEREST RATES – put together a directory of lending institutions and take advantage of the low rates. They may never be lower.

Not all is doom and gloom – newspapers are experiencing big gains in traffic especially online. Opportunity to help your local advertisers while increasing ad revenue is at your fingertips.

Give Wehaa a call today at (262) 696-4915 and let us show you how Wehaa is helping papers across the country provide hands-free revenue solutions for these difficult times.

We hope that you and your families stay safe and healthy. Email