Design For Newspapers

Numerous articles about page design and editing, including advice for small newspapers.

Advice for Smaller Papers

From Ron Reason, advice on overcoming the design limitations at small newspapers.

Art Direction: Do You Have What It Takes?

Take these two interactive quizzes and see if you can come up with visual art solutions to several serious and light-hearted news stories.

Elements of Style(books)

An article by Ron Reason with tips on creating a stylebook for your newspaper.

Page Planner

Print it out, revise it to your needs, and use it to focus your design and editing planning.

SND Bookstore

List includes books on typography, charts and graphs, and color combination guides.

Society of News Design (SND)

The mission of the Society for News Design is to enhance communication around the world through excellence in visual journalism.

Tips for Better Business Design

An article by Ron Reason with five tips on how to design a great business page.