The mission of the Center for Community Journalism is to foster effective community journalism by training working journalists and forging a link between academia and the world of community journalism to strengthen both. It was founded in June 1997 in conjunction with the new bachelor’s degree program in journalism at the college.

Huck Boyd National Center for Community Media (NCCM)

The mission of the Huck Boyd National Center for Community Media is to serve and strengthen the local newspapers, radio stations, cable systems and other media that play a key role in the survival and revitalization of America's small towns.

International Society of Weekly Newspaper Editors (ISWNE)

The ISWNE's purpose is to help those involved in the weekly press to improve standards of editorial writing and news reporting and to encourage strong, independent editorial voices.

National Newspaper Association’s Publishers’ Auxiliary monthly newspaper

Affectionately dubbed PubAux, it is the oldest and only publication aimed specifically at helping community newspaper managers meet their constant challenges. Chock full of how-to stories, profiles of successful operations and industry information.

Newspapers & Technology

A website is providing in-depth and comprehensive coverage of the newspaper industry. It covers technology as it is applied to newspapers.

SND Events

News and ad design, new media, and infographics workshops across the country. Modest fees.