Fake Brains is welcoming a solution to anyone wanting to work from home

Mar 30, 2020

As we all come together to combat this crisis, it has become necessary for most of our media companies to have the ability to work remotely.  If you feel stuck or alone, Fake Brains is welcoming a solution to anyone wanting to work from home.

With AccountScout, your entire team can fully operate from the safety of their own house.

AccountScout is built to help a distributed team effectively communicate.  Sales, accounting, and production personnel can work from home while producing your products.  Sales continues nurturing your advertisers while keeping your prospects engaged.

As soon as an order is remotely booked, your graphic team is updated. Consequently, accounting is always ready to go - get paid faster by implementing paperless billing and collections via the AccountScout payment gateway. 

The latest AccountScout update includes email templates, email tracking and document management. Create consistent branding and communication within your organization.

Share tools, templates, and documents to streamline your entire team process. Remain at the heart of your community by building relationships with your advertisers and prospects from anywhere. Your company is the trusted local source for information and advertisers, your community is listening to you now more than ever. 

Fake Brains is waiving all setup fees to cloud existing customers and reducing fees for new.  When the outbreak is over, users can switch back to their former environment, if desired.  It wants to do whatever it can to help our community during this crisis.

Please contact any member of the FakeBrains team regarding how it may assist: sales@fakebrains.com or (303) 791-3301