Free Friends2Follow tool automatically streams local and national COVID-19 social media updates

Mar 31, 2020

Want a simple tool to aggregate trusted sources for news about COVID-19? Or a way for advertisers to use a self-service tool to get their messages to readers in real time during the Coronavirus crisis?

Friends2Follow has these tools and is offering them for FREE with no strings attached until August 1, 2020. No software to download and no coding. It is simple to install, and easy-use widgets let you instantly stream social media posts (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) on your web pages all in one content block that can be any size, shape or color.

The #COVID-19 Friends2Follow content block automatically displays the most recent and relevant social media posts on the subject from national and local health services. You can also add a hyper-local #hashtag so other local sources (mayor’s office, Emergency Services, governor’s office, etc.) can add their updates. 

Also free to you until August 1, Friends2Follow will create content blocks to stream advertisers’ social media. Most of more than 400 news sites in four countries charge advertisers between $50 and $400 a month. This will not only be a good public service, but can be a good source of new revenue for your organization.

If you prefer not to send sales reps to clients at this time, you can use Friends2Follow's self-service system. All you have to do is send an email with a link to your advertisers. They can then select from several packages you design (price, length, etc.) and pay you automatically each month through  

That means no paperwork for you, no proofs or design work. Each time they update their social media, their post will automatically appear on your site. This is a set it and forget it system.

This promotion is FREE, there will be no charge to you. Friends2Follow will only contact you with technical updates and a notice when the service is about to end which will include an offer to continue with a paid plan. There will be no other sales pitch.

For more information or to request your FREE C-19 content block, click HERE or contact Reinig Morris at (801) 403-7966 or