Get creative using your classified software

Lisa Pfeifer

Jan 6, 2021


Most publishers have the tools and operations to manage their classifieds efficiently, yet they restrict those tools to service only the classifieds. Sometimes, we all need a reminder to review processes in front of us to see what else could be improved. Do you fall into this category?

For both print and your website, let your systems work for you to reduce labor costs and increase your revenue. Reimagine how you manage your sections for obituaries and calendar events. As you are aware, these sections are community focused and drive readership.

These sections all require a mixture of words and graphics. They also demand flexible rates. I speculate that your classified process will manage these ads and pages, even when these ads are single and multi-columned. Improve automation with tools you already operate that prepare ads for print and online, with minimal effort.

Certainly, many properties indicate that they have writers compose the obituaries. Similarly, quite a few publications continue to offer obituaries as free. Yet, consider who is providing the content — a family member or mortuary. You can optimize your classified system to enter these ads with the picture(s) of the endeared. Using your classified software, most likely these ads can be simply uploaded for both digital and print publications. Populate your obituary section online and in print with the sponsorship of support services of your local florists, morticians and counselors in your area.

Your classified software is also conducive to posting events — especially so during this pandemic era. More and more public meetings and ticketed events are hosted online. Keep it simple by offering free to low-cost listings or offer upsells to include logos and photos. Let the repetitive scheduling of many of these functions be managed by that same classified software you are using today. As you see your event space grow, you will see corresponding themes for pages with advertising to support this growth. Engage both local and international readers with these local happenings. Maybe when all this COVID dust settles, you will discover that you recruited new citizens to relocate to your town, after they see all the fun you are having in your community!

Go beyond the classifieds! Study the procedures you have today, and if you find your systems are not working for you, contact your vendor and see if they have ideas to help. Keep it simple. Reclaim control of this local readership and revenue opportunity.

Lisa Pfeifer is a co-founder of Fake Brains software and can be reached at