Helping newspaper advertisers understand the importance of marketing amidst COVID-19

Mar 27, 2020

AUGUSTA, Georgia, — Advertisers struggle daily to grasp how COVID-19 will impact their business operations.  In a similar regard, media sales representatives are also struggling to empathize, educate and guide newspaper advertisers on the importance of marketing during the COVID-19 crisis.  Ryan Dohrn, a 28-year media sales and marketing veteran, has created a 90-minute workshop called, Helping Newspaper Advertisers Understand the Importance of Marketing Amidst COVID-19.     

This on-demand webinar is online now.  Dohrn is using this webinar to raise money for various charity organizations also impacted by the COVID-19 crisis.  So, far, his webinars have raised $2,600 for the Golden Harvest Food Bank.

Some of the promised takeaways from the webinar will be: 

  1. How to show empathy without getting into a COVID-19 debate.
  2. How to explain the NASCAR effect of getting 3 laps down when advertisers pull ads.
  3. How to show examples like Kellogs and Dominos that doubled down on marketing in a crisis and came out as market leaders after a crisis.
  4. How to help advertisers re-define their core audience for survival.
  5. How to use technology to meet with advertisers when face-to-face is not an option.

COST:  $29  - All proceeds, beyond internal costs,  will go to the Golden Harvest Food Bank.  The webinar fee Includes a full copy of all Dohrn's research links and materials to use. 

Link to watch:

Ryan Dohrn is the host of the #1 iTunes podcast Ad Sales Nation and has trained over 20,000 medias salespeople in seven countries. He works monthly with over 50 newspapers in markets large and small. Dohrn is also the Founder of Brain Swell Media, an international keynote speaker, an Emmy Award winner, best-selling book author, and he still sells media today.