'Helping our advertisers is the goal'; webinar recording free to NNA members

Mar 19, 2020

“When times are good, you should advertise; when times are bad, you MUST advertise.”

Ryan Dohrn, founder of Brain Swell Media, isn’t sure who said it first, so he’s claiming it now. … It is the newspaper advertising professional’s battle cry.

“We must help our advertisers not only survive this epidemic, but thrive. Helping our advertisers is the goal,” he said. 

Dohrn hosted the free webinar, “Helping Advertisers Understand the Importance of COVID-19, Part 1,” thanks to The Magazine Manager and The Newspaper Manager. In the webinar, he advises newspaper sales professionals to not downplay the situation, know the facts, and understand your community’s consumer habits. Show yourself as the helpful, knowledgeable marketing professional.   

Health officials have been recommending that citizens in communities across America stay home. Your audience is at home … a lot of them with nothing to do. What better time to start an advertising campaign?  

When communicating with the advertiser via webinar or conference call, ask, “Who do you want to be your customer? How has COVID-19 changed your customer? How has COVID-19 changed your ability to work with the customer?”

Brainstorm with your advertising customer on ways they can stay relevant with their customer base.

Restaurants and bars across the country have been adding drive-thru takeout service where none existed before. What better way than the community newspaper to inform the community?

The one-hour webinar recording is available to NNA members here.