Illinois News publishers announce partial sale to Republican PAC

May 2, 2023

Taylor Publications Inc. of Kankakee, Illinois ⁠— the publishers of the Kankakee City News and the Illinois News ⁠— have announced the part-interest sale of the Illinois News to the Frederick Douglass Republican Political Action Committee of Illinois.

Interest in the monthly Illinois News was purchased for an undisclosed amount on March 21, 2023.

Illinois News Assistant Publisher Mary Weis of Chicago said, “This will allow us to financially show support for Republican candidates who share our views of smaller government, lower taxes, school choice, strong military and safe streets and Second Amendment right to own fire arms.”

Weis continued, “We want to give a greater voice and editorial supports and financial help to the moderates in American politics, from both the Republican and Democratic parties. The extremes representing both political parties have headed down the road of destroying our country and only through compromise on issues like abortion restrictions, gun rights, immigration policies, a strong military and school choice will we collectively work our way back to the America we all want.”