Learn how smarter paywall strategies — focused on data — accelerate conversion growth across diverse local media organizations

Sep 1, 2022

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Sales Director | TownNews

It's an exciting time for local news organizations as they gain traction with digital subscriptions. While the newspaper industry has struggled to adapt to declining print circulation and advertising, the rapid growth of digital subscriptions has become the bright spot. Groups like Gannett, Hearst and Lee Enterprises report 46% to 57% annual growth — speaking volumes about the future of local journalism.

COVID-19 accelerated the need for rapid digital transformation in local news media. As the revenue model flips to a heavier reliance on subscription revenue, consumer experience has moved to the forefront.

While the traditional metered paywall was sufficient in the past, it's clear that the one-size-fits-all approach no longer meets the needs of today's publishers. The most successful news organizations are moving toward subscription or membership models that focus on personalized experiences, easy payment workflows, and capturing first-party data.

Can dynamic paywalls with hybrid models yield higher performance to meet these needs of today’s consumers and publishers? We believe the answer is yes!

Stephanie Carey, the newest sales director to join the TownNews team, will share the details of our groundbreaking study of nearly 300 local news organizations. With Stephanie’s prior experience as co-owner of an alternative news publication and sales manager for a leading SaaS provider, she knows firsthand the importance of audience engagement.

During our flash session, you’ll uncover valuable insights like:

  • The incredible power of audience segments and how they can work for your program.
  • How improving your conversion rates can impact your bottom line.
  • The effectiveness of various models including dynamic/smart walls.
  • How closing loopholes in your paywall impacts performance.
  • The essential strategic principles of an effective membership or subscription model.
  • . . . And much, much more!

Join Stephanie's flash session, Friday, October 7, 2:30-3 or 3-3:30 p.m.