Let us help you recover in 5 days

Mar 30, 2020

4media.com wants to help all the local media outlets build a stronger presence online — or the presence at all.

4media.com can set up a brand-new website in no more than five working days and let newspaper staff run it smoothly from the very beginning. 

4media.com can help you inform better, engage your local audience, implement paywall and last — but not least — increase online ad revenues. It will also start earning for you. All with simple tools of 4media.com platform.

As we are representing media family, for all the media that suffer due to the COVID-19 outbreak, we offer a free six-month trial and the next six months 50% off of our regular price. The regular onboarding price is $999, we make it now $499 and we take all the hosting costs on us. A crisis like this is a big challenge. Let’s make sure we all will be stronger when it is over.

Order DEMO by emailing contact@4media.com or directly at piotr.marek@4media.com. Diversify your revenues. Forever. And be ready for whatever happens.