Local weekly successfully reintroduces wellness section following pandemic pause

Sep 15, 2022

Pickens County Progress
Jasper, Georgia


The Pickens Progress recently used a Themed Special Section (TSS) from Metro to streamline production of a successful Health & Wellness supplement. With the articles and layout already in place, the publication kicked off the section with a local touch by adding their own feature written about an area chiropractor who is competing in a national weightlifting competition. The Progress published the section as a full-color glossy magazine insert, as well as an online version.


Office manager Sheri Crowe credits the full-color glossy appeal of the publication with facilitating sales to many businesses who don’t normally advertise in their regular weekly issue. She emailed and called all types of prospects with a connection to the health field, securing ads from a variety of advertisers that ranged from hospice, chiropractic and medical care providers to banks, a CBD shop and attorneys specializing in personal injury law and estate planning.

The Progress offered advertisers added exposure by having copies of the magazine printed for their county Visitors’ Center office, as well for advertisers’ waiting rooms and lobbies.


The special section produced around $6,000 in gross revenue. Crowe reports that the Progress had not done a Health & Wellness publication since 2019, due to the strain put on doctors’ offices and hospitals by the pandemic. She says they kept their same prices in place from 2019 and plan to do a rate increase next year.

Metro’s ready-to-present-and-sell Themed Special Section (TSS) program features 37 popular titles. To learn more about print and digital special sections from Metro, call 800.223.1600 or email service@metro-email.com.

Sheri Crowe CAP, OM
Pickens County Progress
94 North Main Street
Jasper, GA 30143