Mediabids announces reader-supported advertising campaigns

Mar 27, 2020

This year marks the beginning of Mediabids’ second decade of being a leader in national print advertisers on a performance-basis.

Since 2008, Mediabids has generated nearly 5 million phone calls for hundreds of consumer-facing, direct-response advertisers. Mediabids has newspaper and regional magazine affiliate-partners nationwide and currently more than 40 different advertisers delivering print revenue. These advertisers believe in the quality leads and customer relationships that can only be activated through print media platforms, and they want to be in more publications.

In an effort to support local journalism and improve response (and revenue) for publications and our advertisers, Mediabids is pioneering what it calls ‘’reader-supported’’ print ads. These are a variation on existing and popular response-based, print ads.

Reader-supported ads have a short message, on top or at the bottom of the ad, asking readers to support local journalism and media literacy by responding to the reader-supported advertiser. Local journalism and media literacy are perhaps more important than ever.

This is Mediabid's way of trying to generate more revenue for publications, support the important mission of local journalism and increase response for advertising partners. It’s a win-win-win.

Over the holidays, in a test of this new approach, reader-supported ads significantly outperformed response from non-reader-supported ads. Reader-supported ads generated response at an average rate 3.8 times greater than non-reader-supported ads. All things being equal, readers have shown they’re eager to support their local publications via reader-supported ads from Mediabids.

If you’re interested in learning more about this new initiative contact Jim Jinks, Vice President of Business Development at