Modulist to waive onboarding fees during COVID-10 news crisis

Mar 30, 2020

FARGO, North Dakota — Modulist, a media services company specializing in community paid content, announced today that for the remainder of the immediate COVID-19 pandemic news crisis, Modulist will waive the onboarding fees for publications looking for a solution to processing their community paid content categories.

Modulist is a simple, cost-saving and trustworthy solution for newspapers to help individuals and businesses share their stories and news to your community, and Modulist does the work for you.

Modulist has built a world-class digital portal that collects and processes your obituaries, death notices, weddings, engagements, births, retirements, business announcements, pet announcements, and more. In addition, your paper receives the service of an experienced client services team that is available to assist your consumers seven days per week.

More importantly, the solution is 100% digital so you never have to worry about closing your newspaper’s front door. Your consumers will still be able to submit their important content.

“At Modulist, we’ve all worked at newspapers so we know how stretched your staff gets during a crisis,” Modulist President Devlyn Brooks said. “We provide a turnkey, digital solution allowing your staff to produce the news, and our professional team collects the paid community content.”

To assist newspapers in this challenging financial time, Brooks said that Modulist will waive its set-up fees to aid newspapers during this very serious news crisis.

Call today at (701) 241-5545 or email today to set up a free, live demonstration of the digital portal and overview how Modulist’s team of specialists can help your newspaper get through the COVID-19 news crisis.