More Content Now expands content schedule to provide more material to fit readers’ current lifestyle

Mar 27, 2020

Adapting due to the current health crisis, More Content Now is modifying and expanding its content schedule to provide more material that fits readers’ current lifestyle.

"We’ve revised our lineup to further help newspapers, providing content that we believe will be helpful in this challenging time,” said Lisa Glowinski, director of More Content Now.

More Content Now, a part of Gannett, is a supplier of syndicated content, including high-quality Premium sections, special sections, a variety of ready-to-use weekly pages (health, food, travel, kids, etc.) and a variety of sports pages, including NASCAR, college and professional football and Major League Baseball.

The expanded lineup is now available on

Access is free for 30 days when you mention NNA.

Items that provide special focus on lifestyle changes readers face now include:

  • More coloring and puzzle pages each week to our kids activities content(which can be fun for adults, too).
  • If you're not looking for special sections (like our bimonthly Family special section), the Family content, health sections, Boomers and other section content can be used on individual pages and as articles in your paper.
  • The weekly Movies & TV page has shifted to streaming entertainment reviews until theatrical releases return.
  • More Content Now has started a Live Streams to Check Out rail as a companion to our Friday Podcasts to Listen To rail (this week there's a bonus one on kids podcasts).
  • More Content Now is starting a weekly Wellness rail that looks at ways to stay healthy at home, activities for the kids, using your emergency supplies thoughtfully and more.
  • The NASCAR page will continue to publish Monday afternoons even though races have been postponed.

"We're here to support newspapers during this challenge," Glowinski said.

If you have any other content needs, concerns or questions, contact Lisa Glowinski at or John Reetz at