NNA stands in support of its member newspaper Marion County Record (KS)

Lynne Lance

Aug 12, 2023

John Galer, chair of the National Newspaper Association and publisher of the Journal-News, Hillsboro, IL, last night strongly objected to news of a police raid on the offices of one of its member newspapers, the Marion County Record, Marion, KS.
‘Newsroom raids in this country receded into history 50 years ago.
Today, law enforcement agencies by and large understand that gathering information from newsrooms is a last resort and then done only with subpoenas that protect the rights of all involved. For a newspaper to be intimidated by an unannounced search and seizure is unthinkable in an America that respects its First Amendment rights. NNA stands by its community newspapers and calls upon top officials in Kansas to immediately return any property seized by law enforcement so the newspaper can proceed with its work.’