Presteligence announces updates to page-building service

Oct 15, 2021

Presteligence, an industry leading software developer and innovator, has announced updates to My News 360 Dynamic Production, a service that automates the page building process for editorial workflow. 

The system is being used in live production at Virginia Military Institute and is in pilot phases with other newspapers and groups.   Presteligence is also using the system to output a PDF version of their monthly online newsletter that can be seen here.  

Staff can use dynamic production in a multitude of ways — automatic, semi-automatic, and manually.  Manual page building is the most like Adobe InDesign where stories are placed on pages via drag and drop using preconfigured templates.  Unlike using InDesign, a user only needs a web browser to layout pages.  Semi-automatic allows users to select which stories they want placed on a page and provides them with a variety of automatically produced page layout options from which to choose the best layout.  In fully automatic mode, pages are automatically produced based on desired page and/or story rank. 

Modifications and edits to the pages are done using the online tools.  Once pages are prepared and ready for approval, editors can view and proof the page on screen.  Once accepted, the system automatically sends the final PDFs to the appropriate FTP with the required naming convention.

For more information on Dynamic Production, please contact Denise Franken, dfranken@