Presteligence introduces automated page building

Dec 14, 2020

Dynamic Edition in the making. It takes just seconds per page to build pages automatically using My News 360 Dynamic Edition.

Presteligence, an industry-leading software developer and innovator, announces the newest addition to its My News 360 hosted service modules. Dynamic Edition automates page building through an online interface, resulting in camera-ready PDFs or editable Adobe InDesign documents.

Curated content is automatically placed on pages based on category and rank. Without Adobe InDesign experience, users can then edit, swap, move and remove content on pages as well as manage jumps from the online interface. Publishers can choose to go the fully automated route (straight to digital distribution or print production) or expedite the page building process by fine-tuning the pages in Adobe InDesign after the automated placement. Dynamic Edition reduces the number of staff and InDesign licenses required to build pages.


Dynamic Edition expands the digital channels of distribution, particularly for those publishers with reduced print delivery days, by letting them economically deliver a digital replica without the time and costs historically associated with producing a paper. The automation makes room for additional publications and special sections, like afternoon editions, high school sports, or more timely content like Covid-19 or election specific coverage.

Dynamic Edition drastically increases the possibility for publishers to provide more content in a less restrictive and less expensive manner. It gives editorial teams more time to focus on what they do best -- content creation and reporting. It’s available to all publishers regardless of the CMS or editorial system being used.

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