PRINTERS’ IMPACT: Time printing solutions provider produces sanitation signage during coronavirus pandemic

Apr 15, 2020

Jonathon Long, prepress/design at Time Printing Solutions Provider; Kyle Friesner, digital operator at Time Printing Solutions Prover; and Andy Poole, president of Time Printing Solutions Provide, in front of the Versafire EP

KENNESAW, Georgia – Time Printing Solutions Provider’s mission is to deliver customer needs and create new solutions for them, which is a quality that is helping the company succeed during the difficult economic climate caused by the Coronavirus. The Sacramento, California, printer has started taking in new work like signage created by the Centers for Disease Control (CDC) for use in hospitals and businesses to encourage social-distancing and hand-washing – all printed on Versafire digital presses from Heidelberg.

According to Andy Poole, president of Time Printing Solutions Provider, “We needed to figure out a way to think outside of our typical day-to-day life to make sure we are growing in a tough period. We even thought outside of print and are now involved in designing and printing hand sanitizer stations and other signage for large clients. We are following our motto to do ‘whatever it takes’ to satisfy our customers.”


One characteristic that differentiates Time Printing Solution Provider from competitors is the company’s quick turnaround times and outstanding quality. Printing at 4,800 x 2,400 dpi and with a new toner formula, the Versafire EP exceeds the challenging expectations of customer requirements, while still running at speeds of up to 135 letter pages per minute.

“We are a very proud G7-calibrated printer, so quality is of the utmost importance to us. Coming from an offset background, I expect offset quality on all of our pieces,” Poole said. “With the Versafire EP, we can be sure that we can print at competitive speeds without lacking quality.”

The Versafire EP was installed in early 2020 when Time Printing Solutions Provider had reached capacity with two older Versafire presses. Replacing the oldest digital press, the new Versafire EP has more than tripled their productivity.

“The Versafire EP came at just the right time,” Poole said. “We can now serve these customers who really are in need with the fastest speeds possible and little to no turnaround times.”

Another trait of the Versafire that is changing the game at Time Printing Solutions Provider is the ability to print up to 13” x 27.5” sheets while also supporting 24-point stock plus a variety of synthetics. According to Poole, “We are a diversified shop. By diversified, I mean that no matter what our customers need, we can do it for them from banners to personalized nametags to literature – all on our Versafire EP.”


Poole is no stranger to Heidelberg machines as he originally worked in his family’s printing business, which focused on high-end sheetfed, web and digital printing. After founding Time Printing Solutions Provider, Poole decided to focus on digital capabilities and looked to Heidelberg to find a digital press with offset quality.

“I knew that Heidelberg stood for great quality and would never purchase a machine that couldn’t live up to that,” said Poole. “Before we brought in the Heidelberg digital presses in 2016, we were selling $600,000. Now in 2020, we’ll be at $2.1 million, which is all digital growth. Trusting Heidelberg with our digital machines was the best decision because no matter what our customer needs or how quickly they need it, we know that we are able to supply them a high-quality product.”


As a full-service printer, Time Printing Solutions Provider offers affordable and timely solutions. With in-house, state-of-the-art machines, the company fulfills all commercial printing needs from business cards, direct mail campaigns, invitations, posters, presentation materials, offset printing, binder/finishing, and more. Time Printing Solutions Provider is a Union Shop proud to be a part of Allied Printing Trades of Northern California. Every day, the company commits itself to build a world-class company delivering high quality products to customers.