Pub Aux Live: Homeland: Building Real Estate Ad Revenue, Thursday, May 8

Apr 21, 2014


Pub Aux Live


Building Real Estate Ad Revenue

Thursday, May 8
11:00 a.m. Eastern Time

The Second Edition of PUB AUX LIVE!

Garner More Real Estate Advertising!
This is how you build your real estate section with the help from your local real estate agencies.

Registration fee:
$30 for NNA members / $65 for non-NNA members.

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PUB AUX LIVE, featuring revenue-generating ideas for community newspapers, is brought to you by The National Newspaper Association, in partnership with the Iowa Newspaper Foundation.

Leading the Discussion:
NNA HOST Robert M. Williams, Jr.,

GUEST STARS Eric Denty, publisher of the Jesup (GA) Press-Sentinel, along with Melissa Mallard

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