RouteSmart offers its online users opportunity for professional certification

Oct 15, 2021

COLUMBIA, Maryland – RouteSmart Technologies, Inc., the global leader in route planning and optimization solutions, is offering users of its RouteSmart Online for Newspapers product the opportunity to become professionally credentialed as a Certified Routing Professional (CRP).

Users are required to attend both RouteSmart Online and HERE Map Creator webinars before taking the CRP exam. The webinars and a study guide provide applicants with the insights needed to pass the 45-question, timed exam.

“Passing the RouteSmart Online Certified Routing Professional Exam is an outstanding achievement,” RouteSmart COO Larry Levy said. “It signifies a high level of RouteSmart Online expertise that will positively impact an organization’s bottom line. We congratulate those who have already earned their certification and highly encourage our many other users to attend our webinars and take the exam.”


  • Increasing your potential to earn more responsibility.
  • Expanding your professional network and advancing your career.
  • Differentiating yourself in the job market.
  • Boosting your credibility with decision makers.
  • And, most importantly, routing more effectively.

Upon successful completion of the exam, users are awarded a professional, digital certification badge through Credly and a $25 credit to the RouteSmart Swag Store.


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