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RouteSmart’s industry-leading systems offer powerful and scalable route optimization and management solutions to handle the complexity of your newspaper routes. RouteSmart Online helps our clients increase deliveries per route, improve circulation rates, reduce carrier turnover, and reduce Complaints per Thousand (CPTs). You can create optimized delivery lists for carriers, provide reports and navigation, and never miss a subscriber change.

Press Releases

Electronic paid/requester subscriptions can count as valuable add-ons in certain circumstances

The ability to count electronic subscriptions on the annual postal Statement of Ownership, Management and Circulation, PS Form 3526, has been established since 2012. I have not revisited the subject since then, when a third page was added to the form to make counting possible. 

Newspapers selling e-subs, as commonly abbreviated, wanted to be able to count them on their sworn statement as legitimate proof to advertisers of the additional circulation. NNA worked for three years through various channels to make it happen. 

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Sales Advice: What is the core value of your publication?

Your salespeople are telling your prospects and customers that your newspaper is the best newspaper in town — or if you’re the only newspaper, your newspaper is the best media choice in town. 

They go on to say you have the best customer service in town, but what is your core value? What value do you bring to the marketplace that no one else does? 
What impact does that value have on the prospect, not intellectually, but emotionally? What value do you bring that will compel your prospect to ask you to fix their problems?

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What can we do about declining readership?

Our declining readership is not only fueled by a loss of readers to the Internet—it is a result of a decline in younger readers: those who did not pick up the newspaper habit in their formative years.

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