SCS introduces Community Publishing System, an effortless content workflow solution

Oct 16, 2020

NAZARETH, Pennsylvania ⁠— SCS is thrilled to unveil and release Community Publishing System (CPS), the most efficient content workflow solution available today. CPS is the perfect fit for daily and weekly publications, as well as community publications and small groups.

CPS incorporates functionality to manage content creation, page tracking, archiving and integration to any content management system for online or social media presentation.

“I have worked at SCS for over 25 years and with editorial systems since 2001,” Marty MacDonald, product manager, said. “Our new Community Publishing System provides the customers we support with a flexible, easy to train solution to manage their editorial staff and content. It provides a remarkably stable platform that delivers day in and day out.”

ScoopEdit and WebEdit are the CPS newsroom and workflow components that allow users to access assignments, stories and article updates. Writers, paginators, editors and managers can easily create, edit and move articles.

Browser-based PageTrack provides an overview of each print product in real time. Thumbnails, previews, comments and page status indicators offer information on each page during the pagination process.

CPS upgrades are underway for SCS’s current editorial customers. The Bee Group Newspapers, located in Western New York is currently going live with the CPS suite. Once completed, all nine of their weekly community newspapers will be produced using CPS.

“We are excited to offer CPS to all publishers,” SCS Vice President and General Manager Kurt Jackson said. “The product is easy to install and learn, and is maintained and updated by SCS. In light of the current situation, customers that sign up before the end of the year will receive a reduced subscription rate for the first three months.”

SCS offers an extensive line of publishing-related applications, including Layout-8000™. More than 300 sites producing over 2,000 publications in 10 countries in 5 languages use SCS mission-critical software every day. SCS is privately held by Richard and Martha Cichelli. You can learn more about SCS at