TargetingS offering free access to platform

Apr 23, 2020

TargetingS, the leading social media management platform for local news and entertainment publishers, is offering its services free of charge during these uncertain times. TargetingS platform provides effective and hands-free distribution of news to audiences on social media, saving considerable time and effort.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic and widespread stay-home orders, at-home media consumption has spiked. Significantly more audiences are turning to local news providers for time-sensitive and reliable information on the crisis.

This puts additional pressure on local reporters and editors, working overtime to feed the public’s need for news, while leaving editorial teams with less time to distribute content on social media channels.

We at TargetingS feel a responsibility and willingness to contribute to the best of our ability to the community and local journalism.

The TargetingS platform will be provided completely free of charge, including the required setup for selected news providers, until the end of this tough period. No obligations.

TargetingS has established a dedicated team that is focused on providing immediate solutions to local and community news providers.

By using the TargetingS platform, news providers gain:

  • Uninterrupted, 24/7 publishing flow
  • Customizable control levels ranging from full to semi automation
  • Advanced scheduling options
  • Unlimited content curation capabilities
  • Evergreen content recycling
  • Constant boost in organic web-traffic
  • Increased user engagement with stand-out posts
  • Up to 100% time savings for content distribution to social media


TargetingS is a Seattle-based company that has developed an automated social media management platform for online publishers. The platform uses artificial intelligence and A/B testing to save clients significant time and money while providing greatly improved social media results. The true purpose of good technology is to free people from manual tasks, leaving more time for creativity. Create great content. TargetingS Platform will do the rest. Visit for more information.