There is no good reason to allow USPS to falter

Apr 14, 2020

NNA is working hard for you in Washington, helping Congress to understand the urgent need to help community newspapers through the uninvited business interruption caused by COVID-19.

Yesterday, we sent you NNA’s position paper on how Congress can assist. We know that Congressional leaders are this week putting together an extension of the Payroll Protection Program loan assistance. More than 70% of small businesses have applied for these loans — the money may run out.

Congress also can help by requiring federal advertising dollars to be directed to local communities where they are most needed. And, as we hear nasty rumors that USPS may run out of money this fall, Congress ought to finally get off the mark and provide an appropriation for this critical agency. Hold them accountable, newspaper people! There is no good reason to allow USPS to falter.

Now, your industry needs your help. Please take a look at our position paper (here), and get it into the hands of your entire Congressional delegation — senators and representatives. You don’t need a long cover letter. Just tell them: help! Newspapers are doing their parts in the communities. Congress must support this work.

Please use your best contacts with these offices. Reach out to the local district offices as well as those in Washington. You can find all of their information at and If you need help, email Tonda Rush,

Hang in there! This is the challenge of our lifetimes. Our communities need us to weather this storm. I appreciate your friendship and your commitment.

Matthew Adelman
NNA president
Publisher, Douglas (Wyoming) Budget