Five year-end small business tax tips.

Resources for small businesses covering a wide range of topics, including articles, guides, forms, a glossary and a directory.

BarCodes and eCom

Offers information on how to obtain a Universal Product Code (UPC) for any product.

Business Owner’s Toolkit

Provides a Small Business Guide, with thousands of pages of information and tools to help you start, run and grow a successful small business.

Business Plans features a section on business plans, including information on the basics of creating a business plan, what are the elements of a business plan and how to get help putting a business plan together.

Business valuation 101: The five myths of valuing a private business

As you work tirelessly to meet the everyday challenges of running your own business, you may wonder why you should be interested in a column on valuing your business. After all, valuation is something you will be concerned about some time in the future when there is "need" for a valuation. If you feel like this and you stop reading, you will be missing an opportunity to insure that your business will survive and prosper.

Offers a guide to small business accounting.

Offers a small business tax center with how-to guides and other resources.


A multiple newspaper subscription management system designed for small to medium sized publishers who need a tool to manage the distribution and billing of their subscriber base and for distributors who deliver and bill for one or more publications.

Free Management Library

Offers a basic guide to financial management that covers bookkeeping, managing a budget and financial statement analysis.

Hawker Street Sales Management System

Designed to help those distributors that deliver papers and collect from retail outlets and paper boxes. The biggest benefit of using this system is the huge amount of time it saves in processing the necessary paperwork as required by the publisher for tracking sales and returned papers.

HiTech Newspaper Management System

Automated system for vouchering and accounting with detailed analytical capabilities. This modular program keeps detailed information about the supplier, customer and accounts.

How To Run A Newspaper

A brief article titled that covers the major facets of getting a publication up and running. Note that Wiki articles can be edited by anyone.

How to Sell More Newspapers

Everyone wants to sell more papers. Everyone is doing everything they can and virtually no one is succeeding. Why?

Internal Revenue Service

Business tax information website.

JP Media Partners

Specializes in newspaper valuation and sales; located in California.

Managing Your Business Finances

The basic concepts of financial management as they apply to small business owners.

Media Consultants, Inc.

Media brokers, appraisers and consultants.

Microsoft Small Business Center

Articles and insights on budgeting and expenses, business insurance, business plans and entities, employee relations, leadership and training, pay and benefits, recruiting and staffing, and much, much more.

National Media Associates

Specializes in appraising and selling community newspapers.

New Rules for Newspapers

The Internet has changed everything. If newspapers want to play — and win — then we need to follow the new rules.

Online Journalism Review from USC Annenberg

Offers a guide on How to make money on your news content website.

Offers a learning center that guides you through the process of setting up a business. There are also resources on managing finances and employees.

Recruiting and Hiring Guide

Some topics for consideration as you determine whom, if anyone, to hire.

Rickenbacher Media

Concentrates on the mergers and acquisitions of weekly and non-weekly newspapers, specialty publications, and shoppers.