Despite the name, offers numerous low-cost font downloads for Windows and Mac. Desktop Publishing Newspapers

Numerous articles about page design and editing, including advice for small newspapers.

Adobe tips for type

A single, consistently used graphic element can add flavor to your document and highlight key points.

Adobe type topics

Source of information for important issues in typography today, everything from type measurement to font formats, from Multiple Master typefaces to OpenType® technology.

Advice for Smaller Papers

From Ron Reason, advice on overcoming the design limitations at small newspapers.

Alignment of Text in a Text Block

The alignment of the text within text blocks contributes to the tone of your documents.

Art Direction: Do You Have What It Takes?

Take these two interactive quizzes and see if you can come up with visual art solutions to several serious and light-hearted news stories.


Provides numerous font downloads, many of which are highly stylized.


Delivers high-quality font solutions for developers, ad agencies, graphic designers, desktop publishers, corporations, small businesses and home office users.

Cambridge in Colour

In-depth photography tutorials, from fundamentals to advanced topics and Photoshop tools.


Offers font downloads ranging in price from free to $990 for the entire library.

Elements of Style(books)

An article by Ron Reason with tips on creating a stylebook for your newspaper.


Featuring more than 15,000 typefaces, selling digital fonts online since 1994.

Fonts available for purchase.


Font collection downloads. Can also be purchased on CD. You might have to do some poking around on the site for the more affordable collections.

Geoff Lawrence

Free photography and editing tutorials, including technical camera functions and editing.


Free, searchable tutorials on numerous Photoshop tools, features and techniques.

InDesign and InCopy Help and Support

Adobe offers searchable tutorials for InDesign.

Iowa State’s College of Design

Provides a few free and basic QuarkXPress 6 resources.

Kevin Slimp Online

Provides information on Slimp’s newspaper training for Acrobat, InDesign, Mac OS X and more. Also has newspaper-relevant technology news.

Offers font downloads starting at $26.


Online source for finding, trying and buying fonts. Purchased fonts are available for immediate download.

Page Planner

Print it out, revise it to your needs, and use it to focus your design and editing planning.

A royalty-free site where you only pay a nominal yearly fee. Better photos than Arttoday.


Adobe Photoshop is the industry standard tool for working with digital images of any kind. Images may originate from a digital camera, from scans, from stock photo libraries, from existing Web-ready artwork, or even graphics that are created purely in Photoshop.