Times Review Media Group responds to staff coronavirus positive by shifting to remote production

Andrew Morris

May 14, 2020

Publishers have to respond quickly when positive coronavirus cases pop up in their communities, especially among newspaper staff. 

Andrew Olsen, publisher of Times Review Media Group, shared his response when four cases popped up in in Mattituck, New York ⁠— population 2,219 as of the 2010 Census ⁠—  one of which is his copy editor. 

"We immediately shifted everyone to working remotely and had strong IT infrastructure in place, but we had never stress tested it to this degree," Olsen said. "It has gone exceptionally well and we have been hitting all print and digital deadlines.

"We recently launched updated websites in January 2020 which also included metered access capabilities powered by Pelcro.  We are seeing steady increases each day with new All Access (print and digital) and digital only subscriptions.  This has been a game-changer for our business both from a consumer experience and revenue standpoint."

Read about the copy editor's recovery here: https://suffolktimes.timesreview.com/2020/03/diagnosed-with-coronavirus-southold-woman-improving-after-frightening-ordeal/