TownNews rolls out industry-first program to guarantee programmatic advertising rates for local media organizations

Feb 16, 2022

YieldUp by TownNews delivers guaranteed revenue, optimal sell-through and ultra-fast payment in a turnkey digital advertising solution

Digital programmatic advertising presents a conundrum for local media organizations looking to deliver predictable results. There's huge revenue potential, but ever-changing rates, the difficulty of selling all of your available inventory, and slow payment from unreliable vendors can sometimes make it feel like the juice just isn't worth the squeeze.

Enter YieldUp by TownNews, your turnkey path to premium, guaranteed programmatic advertising revenue. Here's how it works.


YieldUp by TownNews eliminates the guesswork and serves up reliable programmatic ad revenue while shifting the risk of variable rates from your books to ours.

We provide you with your guaranteed, premium CPM rate 20 days before the first of each month. And our massive scale assures you're getting premium rates from the best Tier 1 Supply Side Platforms (SSPs).


TownNews purchases all of your non-excluded* programmatic and remnant ad impressions — no more unsold inventory!

Then, TownNews digital advertising experts manage your inventory to maximize your revenue potential. Our industry-leading expertise and ultra-advanced advertising technology stack are put to work to ensure that you're capitalizing on every opportunity on your site.


With YieldUp by TownNews, you get more predictable cash flow while eliminating costly chargebacks and late payments.

We deliver the best payment terms and turnaround — Net 30 — in the local media industry!

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