Despite the name, offers numerous low-cost font downloads for Windows and Mac.

Adobe tips for type

A single, consistently used graphic element can add flavor to your document and highlight key points.

Adobe type topics

Source of information for important issues in typography today, everything from type measurement to font formats, from Multiple Master typefaces to OpenType® technology.

Alignment of Text in a Text Block

The alignment of the text within text blocks contributes to the tone of your documents.


Provides numerous font downloads, many of which are highly stylized.


Delivers high-quality font solutions for developers, ad agencies, graphic designers, desktop publishers, corporations, small businesses and home office users.


Offers font downloads ranging in price from free to $990 for the entire library.


Featuring more than 15,000 typefaces, selling digital fonts online since 1994.


Fonts available for purchase.


Font collection downloads. Can also be purchased on CD. You might have to do some poking around on the site for the more affordable collections.


Offers font downloads starting at $26.


Online source for finding, trying and buying fonts. Purchased fonts are available for immediate download.

Typography for lawyers

Even though the legal profession depends heavily on writing, legal typography is often poor. Some blame lies with the strict typographic constraints that control certain legal documents (e.g. court rules regarding the format of pleadings). But the rest of the blame lies with lawyers.

Using Type

A tutorial on typefaces that work together by Daniel Will-Harris.


Comprehensive site by Daniel Will-Harris, a guy who loves type.