VoicePort offering a Cloud Contact Center service

Mar 30, 2020

VoicePort is offering a Cloud Contact Center service to help newspapers shift their customer service agents to a work-at-home model, particularly if a newspaper has an older telecom infrastructure or their contact center does not support remote agents.  Very limited IT support is needed.

This service is a rich, full-feature solution with agent monitoring, full call recording and PCI compliant payment options. This cloud-based solution can be deployed within 24 hours, including training for agents and supervisors. There is very little work for newspaper IT departments to perform to make this switch to a cloud-based contact center. All that is needed is an internet connection. 

Agents do not have to use desk, home or cell phones for this solution. A softphone is utilized through the single internet connection. This also allows agents to conference in other agents and supervisors along with messaging between agents for additional support.

Chris Mann, president and CEO of VoicePort said, “We are seeing COVID-19 is affecting call centers, nationally and internationally.  Workers are not able to go to the call center causing a shortage of agents available to take calls.  Customer service metrics and CX are suffering. The combination of agent shortages and increased call volumes are double hit.  Our Cloud Contact Center is already helping newspapers across the country manage calls and help with overall business continuity.”

Due to the current circumstances, VoicePort is offering the Cloud Contact Center as a month-to-month solution with significantly reduced set-up costs.  Any newspaper can use this service, whether the paper is a current client of VoicePort or not.

VoicePort LLC is a leading provider of automated, customizable and integrated customer service communication solutions for newspapers.  Its mission is to provide clients with a seamless customer service experience for their customers, whether they're online from a desktop or mobile device or by telephone.  VoicePort's product solutions are designed and orchestrated to be fully integrated and work seamlessly across organizations and their supporting resources and systems.