360 Media Alliance launches the 'Small Market News-Media Consortium'

Oct 16, 2020

The 360 Media Alliance, a news-media industry organization committed to giving back to the news-media industry, has announced the launch of the “Small Market News-Media Consortium.” The consortium is made-up of over 15 news-media industry business partners. These partners are committed to assuring local journalism remains strong through elevating the revenue and audience prospects within the local media markets. They do this in a way that brings the local news-media enterprise into the digital arena at little or even NO cost.  

According to 360 Media Alliance founder John Newby, “While we should have done this years ago, this initiative was sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic which has literally stretched many local media companies to their financial limits, and in many cases, near their breaking point. It is during times such as these that we need to work together to build each other up. We are so blessed with our industry partners and their willingness to put their best foot forward and provide these outstanding and innovative products/services at little or no cost to the local news-media companies that so sorely need them.  It allows any news-media company regardless of size or delivery frequency to literally transform themselves into a digital powerhouse within their community.  It’s a great opportunity for smaller news-media markets; we are grateful to our business partners for really stepping to the plate."

The consortium is set-up simply and straight-forward. News-media companies wanting to participate can select from among the consortiums best products/services that best fit their local needs, business model and/or local community in which they serve. They are free to select one item out of the basket of offerings within the consortium or all of them, that is completely up to the local publisher. Regardless of which products or services selected, it promises to either grow revenue, grow audience, grow community relationships or reduce expenses. Some of the offerings can be implemented in a matter of a few days or up to a few weeks, but all the business partners have agreed to move quickly as time is of the essence in our industry.  

The 360 Media Alliance has served the news-media industry for over 10 years. They started as a simple LinkedIn group that was primarily focused on innovation, loyalty, circulation and audience.  After a short time, they began organizing and implementing two yearly audience conferences while publishing two audience focused magazines as well. Recently, its focus has broadened into the revenue and innovation front which also addresses advertising and alternative revenue streams as well. 

One of their more recent and unique initiatives is community building. 360 Media Alliance works with with local media companies along-side communities’ leadership to forge lasting foundations by creating mutually beneficial and revenue enhancing synergies.  This process includes a weekly column titled, “Building Main Street, not Wall Street” which appears in newspapers around the country. 

For additional information on how your local news-media company can participate in the consortium, contact John Newby at: john@360MediaAlliance.net