Aquatic life a highlight of SCS’ new headquarters

Jun 9, 2021

BETHLEHEM, Pennsylvania – In an effort to find a more appropriately-sized and tech-oriented office, longtime newspaper industry vendor SCS has moved its headquarters to Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.

“The new office space better accommodates our split remote/in-office work policy and is better suited to cultivate innovation in a software development environment,” according to Kurt Jackson, SCS' vice president and general manager. “We have included in the office all the modern amenities you would expect in 2021.”

“Additionally, our new office features four new aquariums which house over 80 different fish,” Jackson said. “Multiple species are represented, including 20 black neon tetras, six Congo tetras, three white skirt tetras, a 14-inch common pleco, a sorority of female bettas, two zebra angel fish, seven Dalmatian mollies, 15 various platys and seven genetically-modified glow fish.”

Later this year, the company plans to invite its nearby customers and their families to visit the new facility. In the meantime, you can visit to take a peek.