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Tonda Rush

Tonda Rush is the director of public policy and serves as general counsel to the National Newspaper Association. Email her at

NNA MEMBER ALERT: Monitor ad copy for the Sunday 'Big Game'

It may not be used in promotional or advertising copy without written consent of the NFL. Advertisers who wish to run promotional copy around the Sunday game must use less direct references like the “Big ...

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Section 230: Bringing you up to speed

Courts developed a doctrine that basically said that if an internet provider manipulated, edited or changed content posted by someone, the provider could be making the content their own and then could ...

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NNA MEMBER ALERT: Postage rates increases Jan. 24

NNA members are reminded that USPS rates will increase this coming Sunday. 

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NNA MEMBER ALERT: Community newspaper journalists may qualify as exempt professionals

The ruling, which applies strictly only to the publisher for which it was crafted, nevertheless takes a new look at the changed responsibilities of small-town journalists. Earlier court cases ruled ...

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NNA MEMBER ALERT: Caution during Inauguration Week

Law enforcement and intelligence authorities are issuing cautions for public safety during the week ahead as the nation may experience civil unrest, noting that journalists should take extra care.  Among ...

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US Department of Labor clarifies independent contractor rules

The Trump Administration Labor Department in its final days has issued new regulations for determining when individuals are considered independent contractors rather than employees.

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NNA MEMBER ALERT: SBA releases application for second PPP loans

The Small Business Administration has released the short form application for second-draw Paycheck Protection Program loans.

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MEMBER ALERT: Second draw PPP loans open

The Small Business Administration has completed the rules for the second round of Paycheck Protection Program Loans.

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NNA MEMBER ALERT: IRS issues new rule allowing deductible expenses under PPP

The IRS’ new guidance repealed its interpretation from May 2020 that disallowed the deductions. Its new rule was forced by an act of Congress in the December stimulus bill, where Congress reiterated ...

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Cloud servers subject to federal agent probing without notice

Journalists need confidentiality for news sources and materials when their documents are stored on the cloud, NNA and other media groups told the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit in December.

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In 2021, USPS has authority to increase rates to cover expenses

The possibility of 7-9% annual postage increases under a new Postal Regulatory Commission order threatens mailed newspapers in 2021. 

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First Amendment win in Massachusetts — US Court of Appeals ruled press not subject to anti-recording laws

The National Newspaper Association and a broad alliance of media organizations won one for the First Amendment in Massachusetts in December as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the First Circuit ruled ... 

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Journalists should be counted as ‘essential’ as COVID-19 vaccine begins distribution

The National Newspaper Association has asked the Centers for Disease Control to make sure journalists are considered a priority group in the distribution of coronavirus vaccines. 

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US OCC requiring banking institutions to place public notices in a newspaper of general circulation

The U.S. Office of the Comptroller of the Currency has reaffirmed the importance of newspaper public notice by boards of directors of federal mutual savings associations. 

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NNA welcomes light shined on newspaper delivery woes

NNA Chair Brett Wesner, president of Wesner Publications in Cordell, Oklahoma, today expressed his thanks to the Washington Post and its postal beat expert Jacob Bogage for a revealing look at the problems ...

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Not too early to get in line for PPP 2.0 loans, NNA says

The COVID-19 stimulus bill considered in the late days of the 116th Congress is now a law.  Before community newspapers can fully avail themselves of the stimulus provisions in the new law, more forms ...

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NNA celebrates big wins: more PPP loans, allowable expenses and recognized deductions for PPP borrowers

National Newspaper Association today celebrated the outcome of extended negotiations by Congress this month that wrapped many of NNA’s requests into the next stimulus bill of more than $900 billion. ...

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NNA monitors worst systemwide mail delays, disruptions in decades; advises USPS of problems

National Newspaper Association members are reporting systemwide problems in getting newspapers delivered by mail this season. NNA has alerted the Postal Service to the issues and is working with USPS service ...

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