PGA sponsors Max Heath’s postal work

Feb 2, 2012

FRANKLIN, TN—The Publishing Group of America has agreed to sponsor National Newspaper Association Postal Chair Max Heath for his expenses representing NNA for the fourth straight year through 2012.
Heath is a postal consultant for PGA and Landmark Community Newspapers LLC. PGA’s sponsorship means that he will continue to represent the two groups in his work on behalf of community newspapers and NNA members.
Heath is the only newspaper representative serving on many of these groups, giving community newspapers a seat at the table on decisions affecting them.
PGA publishes three highly successful newspaper magazine supplements: American Profile, weekly; Relish, monthly; and Spry, monthly. Each contains news and advertising, which count accordingly in postal advertising calculations.
“We believe this is an invaluable resource provided by NNA,” said Steve Smith, senior vice president, publisher relations, for PGA. “We’re happy to continue to sponsor this service for our partners and the industry at a critical juncture for the U.S. Postal Service, which has resulted in a variety of pressures on newspapers, unfortunately.”
Heath said, “NNA members owe a debt of gratitude to PGA for making it possible (for him) to continue representation of community newspapers before the Postal Service, and helping the NNA budget as well.” PGA, through its strong backing of community newspapers, went above and beyond by agreeing to pay additional expenses once covered by NNA.
“I continue to consult for LCNI in return for the company providing office space, equipment and administrative help. Helping LCNI informs my work in Washington.”
Heath was executive editor of LCNI for 21 years, and circulation director for 23 years. He conducts seminars for state press associations, sectional circulation groups, and newspaper groups upon request for a fee and expenses.
He also does individual evaluation of postage statements as an added service when attending these meetings.