C-SPAN announces retirement of longtime VP of Programming Terry Murphy

Dec 14, 2022

Current VP of Digital Media Richard Weinstein named Vice President of Content

C-SPAN today is announcing the retirement of longtime Programming Vice President Terry Murphy and named Richard Weinstein, current Vice President of Digital Media as his replacement.

A 42-year veteran of C-SPAN, Terry Murphy's last day will be January 6, 2023. Hired as a field technician in 1981, he soon moved into management and has served as C-SPAN's head of programming for several decades. As head of Programming, Murphy's editorial instincts have long guided C-SPAN's daily editorial decision making and set the network's overall editorial strategy. His expertise as a manager helped refine the organizational structures and provided oversight of our programming expenses.

"It's impossible to overstate the impact Terry has had on our network," said C-SPAN co-CEO Susan Swain. "Terry should also be recognized for his outsized editorial impact as an advocate for the public's right to access their government.  When Congress or other public officials said, 'Event's closed,' Terry always asked why."

Veteran C-SPANer Richard Weinstein is stepping in as the new head of programming and will serve as Vice President of Content. Weinstein, currently Vice President of Digital Media, started at C-SPAN in 1986 and has worked in various departments and positions across the network, including video productions, programming operations and editorial. While leading the networks' digital initiatives, Weinstein oversaw C-SPAN.org, the acclaimed Video Library, and the C-SPAN Now mobile video app. In his new role he will further merge traditional television and digital content for use across platforms to best serve C-SPAN audiences.

With the retirement of Murphy, C-SPAN announced additional personnel changes:

Chief Digital Officer Michael Piccorossi is named Vice President and Chief Digital Officer and will lead C-SPAN's Digital Media Department. Working with the digital media teams in Washington, D.C. and Indiana, Piccorossi will oversee C-SPAN.org, the Video Library and C-SPAN Now.

Managing Editor Ben O' Connell is being promoted to Director of Editorial Operations and will oversee C-SPAN's Field Operations, Master Control and Studio Teams, Newsroom Systems and the Assignment Desk.

Coordinating Producer Paul Brown is being promoted to Executive Producer, C-SPAN Television Networks and will manage the TV editorial staff and the editorial decision making and programming of C-SPAN's three television networks.

Host and Managing Producer Greta Brawner is being promoted to Executive Producer, Public Affairs Programming and will manage the event producers' team and politics unit.

Paul Orgel, a long-time leader in C-SPAN's editorial operations is named Senior Producer, Special History Series. Orgel will help lead the efforts to regularly produce special history series which offer informative context to our public affairs content.

These C-SPAN personnel changes will go into effect on January 9, 2023.