C-SPAN launches new video-based mobile app

Oct 14, 2021

Just released in the App Store and on Google Play, C-SPAN Now is a free mobile app featuring video of the day’s biggest political events, presented in C-SPAN's signature unfiltered think-for-yourself style.

From your mobile device, on C-SPAN Now you can: 

  • Watch live or on demand  C-SPAN's complete coverage of the U.S. House and Senate, congressional hearings, White House events, the courts, campaigns and more from the world of politics.  
  • Catch up on what's happening in politics with featured highlight clips.
  • Listen to C-SPAN Radio and discover a variety of compelling podcasts.  
  • Watch the three C-SPAN TV networks* and the latest episodes of “Washington Journal” and “Q&A.”   
  • Find current schedule information for C-SPAN’s TV networks and C-SPAN Radio.  

"Through our digital consultancy partnership with software developer Globant, we've built C-SPAN Now to bring C-SPAN's mission — delivering an unfiltered, high-quality viewing and listening experience of our government's proceedings — to a another digital platform and to new audiences," C-SPAN Vice President of Digital Media Richard Weinstein said. "Our viewers have been telling us: We want C-SPAN video on an app. Today, we're excited to tell our audience: Here it is."

For more information about the free C-SPAN Now app, visit the C-SPAN website

To download the free app directly, visit C-SPAN Now in the Apple Store or Google Play for Android.

Note: Downloading and using the C-SPAN Now app requires Apple iPhone iOS 14 or later or Android phone running Android 6 Marshmallow.

* Access to view or listen to the three television networks is reserved for our cable and satellite TV customers. Your cable or satellite subscription comes with complimentary access to C-SPAN, C-SPAN2 and C-SPAN3. Get started by signing in with your cable or satellite provider for unlimited viewing.  


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