Content That Works/King+Columbus offers special sections to provide relief from virus overload

Mar 27, 2020

As we all work hard to inform our communities, Content That Works/King+Columbus discovered that newspapers are in need of fresh content that is not coronavirus-related. Readers want some variety and relief from the full coverage of the virus.

That’s why Content That Works/King+Columbus are offering special sections at a discounted rate. Current special sections — on real estate, home improvement, nurse’s appreciation, 50+Wellness — would help you fill out your pages.

These are news sections that are sold to various media partners that include six stories with three to four photos per story, plus cover images if you need them.

The packages can be broken apart so that you have content for six weeks. Content in these sections has all been produced in the last year, with no corrections or other problems. Just put them on your pages and go.

Content That Works/King+Columbus is offering the sections for $140, and they may be paid for by credit card.

Here’s how to get in touch with them: (click on 2020 Content Calendar) or email VP Business Development at