Coronavirus coloring and activity pages for kids and families — from Kid Scoop

Jul 14, 2020

Children have heard that there is a scary disease called the coronavirus. What they need now is an explanation of what this disease is and how people can stay as safe as possible. They need this explained clearly and simply with words and pictures they can understand.

Kid Scoop does just that with its special edition Coronavirus Coloring and Activity pages. Newspapers can publish these as two full pages or four half pages (see graphics).

The pages include line drawings for coloring. As children color, they scan text and learn at the same time. Kid Scoop recommends that parents sit with children while they color and read the pages. This provides a teachable moment as well as the opportunity for children to talk about their fears and concerns.

Newspapers that subscribe to the weekly Kid Scoop feature may get these pages for no extra charge. Those that are not Kid Scoop customers pay a nominal fee.

In addition, Kid Scoop also is offering a reproducible, eight-page activity workbook that newspapers can license and post on their websites and share with schools, families, health centers, etc.

To learn more about Kid Scoop, contact Dan “Patio” Dalton at (909) 793-9890.