Test scores signal a key market to grow circulation

Jun 1, 2024

There are many hot-button issues for your community. But one topic rises above them all — education. Parents are deeply concerned with their children’s education, especially when district test scores are published.

What are the test scores in your local school districts? Find local test results at: Publicschoolreview.com and NCES.ed.gov/nationsreportcard.

Parents expect local schools to develop their children’s intellectual growth, their skills in reading, writing and math; their children’s knowledge of science, geography, history, literature, biography and the arts. Kid Scoop pages connect children with all these topics and skills.

In the accompanying graphic, here’s an analysis of how parts of the Kid Scoop page help children learn, and here’s how children see this page to learn the science of tornadoes.

Thousands of parents use Kid Scoop published in local newspapers to extend and expand youngsters’ learning at home after the school day ends. When you publish the weekly Kid Scoop page, you’re making a direct connection with parents and their children’s education.

Who in your community will sponsor the Kid Scoop extra help for education? We’ve found that employers in all industries are deeply concerned about success in school. We’ve found that businesses, utilities, healthcare programs and foundations value education and become sponsors of our Kid Scoop page when asked. The hundreds of newspapers Kid Scoop appears in report long-term sponsor loyalty based on their belief in its educational value.

When newspapers decide to publish exciting, educationally sound Kid Scoop pages, parents take notice. Parents are key subscribers. Kid Scoop also offers publishers free house ads to reach out to this key market.

For assistance in developing Kid Scoop sponsors for your newspaper, contact Dan “Patio” Dalton at patiodan@kidscoop.com or 909-793-9890.