Kid Scoop shares 9 hidden sponsors to grow revenue and content

Jul 18, 2023

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“I don’t have space for content for children.”

“I don’t have staff to sell more ads.”

Sound familiar? However, there is another proven way to bring in new revenue that grows the space for youth content.

“Content for children is really not our paper’s basic responsibility.”

Question: Do you know the literacy level in your local school district? Here’s where to find out: Public School Review.

Now that you’ve checked, are you surprised at how many your local children are reading below grade level? Reading in print or on a screen requires being a skilled reader. Literacy determines the future of your publication in print and online.

Take a look at how Kid Scoop looks like fun but actually is superior learning for children.

Reading ability predicts future employment, health care costs, criminal justice system costs, health and vitality of the community, and most importantly, a child’s potential for a successful life.

Kid Scoop works to help children read more because they think they are having FUN.

To help you secure the sponsors for Kid Scoop in your newspaper, we’re sharing with you nine hidden resources for revenue for this award-winning weekly page for young readers: family and private foundations, large advertisers with separate funds for community betterment, service clubs, economic development agencies, hospitals, banks, corporations, major employers, waste management companies.

If you would like help (at no cost), please contact Dan “Patio” Dalton at (909)-793-9890 or