Media appraiser Kevin Kamen advises Forbes on 400 Richest Americans list

Oct 14, 2021

UNIONDALE, New York - On October 5, 2021, FORBES released its 40th annual ranking of the 400 Richest Americans. This study is one of the most anticipated and widely read FORBES articles of the year.

The List's wealth estimates are a snapshot of each member's worth as of September 3, 2021, according to the article. One of the experts selected to assist in financially valuing media moguls is a friend of the newspaper industry: New York-based multi-media appraiser and broker Kevin Kamen, president/CEO of Kamen & Co Group Services, LLC, a Uniondale, Long Island, New York, media valuation, accounting and brokerage firm in business 42 years.

This is the eighth straight year that the wealth and media team at FORBES has called upon Kamen to assist them with calculating and determining the financial value of specific publishing and multi-media tycoons.

In speaking of his involvement, Kamen stated, "The FORBES team has reached out to me requesting guidance for nearly a decade, and although always busy, I'm happy to find the time to assist them. The FORBES team works diligently and invests time in research and attaining supporting evidence. Many of the reporters know of my track record for determining the correct valuation of numerous large newspaper deals in the past and have confidence in my work.

“Evaluating data and calculating figures takes much time and effort and I am happy to assist the reporters with my objective analysis, advice and expertise based upon decades of working in the trade. We examine a wide spectrum of data, including Securities and Exchange Commission documents, court and published records, probate records, news articles and interviews, while also taking into consideration current economic conditions each year. We consider present trends within the media sphere, as well, and I for one focus on private versus public earnings and patterns.

“We all work together effectively and strive to produce accurate projections in a fair and honest manner. The process of checking, interpreting, and challenging each calculation can become quite time-consuming but, in the end, we get it right."

Kamen continued, "When valuing private businesses, we carefully examine gross revenue along with profit margins and scrutinize any articles or feature stories revolving around a particular sale or negotiation. We zone in on competitive alignments, market shares, unique demographics, historical patterns, Buyer and Seller portfolios, global events, apply discounts when required, and finally, reach out to anyone in the industry with value-relevant knowledge."