Metro Newspapers adds new publications to SMARTPUBLISHER™

Aug 16, 2023

Silicon Valley-based METRO PUBLISHING, doing business as Weeklys, is the leading publisher of alternative newsweeklies in the San Francisco Bay Area. Weeklys chose SMARTPUBLISHER™ for its recent acquisition of Bay Area Parent and currently uses SMARTPUBLISHER™ for all 15 of its publications.

“Pre1 has been a great partner for our company,” Stephen Buel, Weeklys’ director of strategic initiatives, said. “They are continually working with us to adapt SMARTPUBLISHER™ to accommodate our unique needs.”

For instance, Pre1 integrated DocuSign into its platform to make it easy for Weeklys’ sales reps to email completed sales proposals to their customers for their review and signature. Once such contracts are signed, a copy is automatically saved to the account for permanent storage.

“When I call Pre1 for support, I talk to a live, U.S.-based, technical support person who can answer my question or resolve my issue on the spot,” Buel says. “When I send an email, I get a prompt response. And if I want to explore a substantive change to SMARTPUBLISHER™, I know that we will have a thorough conversation about my idea, to determine what is workable. Of all the newspaper/media software companies I’ve ever worked with, Pre1 is by far the most responsive.”

SmartPublisher and ProofRocket are part of a complete advertising management ecosystem, which includes a CRM, advertising order management system, digital proofing platform, billing system, and online payment portal.

“It’s wonderful to see SMARTPUBLISHER™ evolve into a magnificent tool for the publishing industry,” Russ Martineau, sales director for SMARTPUBLISHER™, said. “The latest SMARTPUBLISHER™ release keeps improving our functionality but more importantly allows our clients to improve operating efficiency.”


SMARTPUBLISHER™ is the premier CRM Invoicing Software Solutions for Newspaper Magazine Media created by Pre1 Software. Pre1 has 20-plus years of experience designing and building software for newspapers, magazines and digital publications media. SMARTPUBLISHER™, is a cross-platform, cloud/desktop, ad management software, suite that offers CRM, Accounting, Production, Pagination, Online Collection, and extensive reporting. For a quick demo contact Russ Martineau at (971) 244-8888 or via email Visit