National Newspaper Association supports Congressional action to protect universal mail service

Tonda Rush

Aug 17, 2020

National Newspaper Association today announced its support for urgent Congressional action to prevent slowing of the mail during the coronavirus pandemic.

Matt Adelman, NNA president and publisher of the Douglas (Wyoming) Budget, said NNA would support a bill by House Democrats to prevent service cuts while the nation is in the grip of the coronavirus pandemic. The House of Representatives plans to vote this week on the Delivering for America Act, HR 8015.

“NNA believes that, while cost controls for USPS are critical, the timing of cuts in service right now is unfortunate. We want to make clear that we normally do not invite Congressional action on postal operations, preferring to leave those decisions to the professionals at USPS. We also are working with our members and USPS to achieve greater efficiency in the mail and support the efforts of the USPS Board of Governors as it tries to use the tools it has to keep mail affordable and reliable.

“However, right now, our nation is deeply dependent upon the mail. Particularly in areas served by community newspapers, we are hearing alarming reports from our subscribers. Our readers need the information we are sending them. They also need their prescriptions, election ballots and other important mail. Today is not the day to hobble USPS in its mission to provide universal service to a country that needs to trust its government to deliver more than ever. We urge Congress and the Postal Service to take necessary steps to keep mail moving.”

Adelman said NNA had urged Congressional action to stabilize USPS finances for more than a decade and would continue to support important measures to help USPS achieve fiscal sustainability.