NEW! Turnkey primary and general election coverage from TownNews and the AP

Mar 12, 2020

With primaries in full swing and the general election just around the corner, now is the time to make sure that you're offering the in-depth coverage your readers crave — and grabbing your share of the traffic and ad revenue that comes with it.

TownNews has teamed up with the Associated Press to make it easy for newspapers to roll out their own digital Election 2020 headquarters, complete with:

  • A full Election 2020 page — provided by TownNews — for your website.
  • Interactive primary and general election map widgets — provided by the Associated Press — for display on your Election 2020 page, and throughout your site. Maps include results down to the county level for the top of the ticket races — president, U.S. Senate, Congress and governor.
  • High-impact banner ad positions to help you generate revenue from your coverage.
  • Free national election coverage from the TownNews Content Exchange Network.
  • Election coverage from the Associated Press (if applicable).
  • Integrated local coverage from your news team.
  • Promotional blocks to drive traffic to your Election 2020 page.
  • Affordable one-time setup charge, no monthly fee.

Best of all, the Election 2020 package is completely turnkey — TownNews does the work for you! (Don't worry, you can customize your site as desired. But you don't have to. Your Election 2020 coverage will look great right out of the box.)


Ready to launch an effortless election headquarters that capitalizes on the year's biggest news story to drive traffic and advertising revenue? Contact TownNews today to learn more about the Election 2020 package!